The Story So Far

Miss Glowry saves Heinrich from a sea witch

Heinrich meets Creeley and Miss Lindfors

January 18, 1892
-Blackwell meets with Creeley

-Creeley introduces Blackwell to the Rippers Lab

-Miss Glowry meets Creeley, Blackwell, and Fannie

-Heinrich vouches for Miss Glowry and meets Blackwell

-Blackwell and Heinrich start investigating the voltaic cell

-*Blackwell and *Henrich continue investigation/research on the voltaic cell

January 22, 1892

-Heinrich enlists dockworkers Toney and Hilliard

-Loyale Candy fights Freddie “three fingers” Boyle in the ring at the Prospect

-Loyale is seriously injured when Freddie attacks him while transformed by the elixir

-Maxwell meets Creeley and Lindfors when he rushes to Loyale’s aid

-Freddie is calmed by Fannie and taken to the cellar “secure room”


-Heinrich, Toney, and Hilliard run to follow the three suspicious gentlemen to the Speckled Crow

-Garrison joins up with them. Heinrich meets Garrison and hires him to gather info about the three toffs

-Garrison meets Messrs Anderson, Page, and Gummage, baits them, accepts their money, and vomits on them


-*Heinrich introduces Garrison to Creeley

-Fannie sits with Freddie in the secure cell, keeping him calm

-Creeley interviews Garrison and invites him to “assist in our endeavor” against the fairy tales

-Garrison accepts and begins guard duty at the secure room


-Maxwell meets the Ripper’s lab; he agrees to join the

-Blackwell meets Maxwell; they discuss the elixir

-Blackwell visits the secure room and does research, learning the upper limit of Freddie’s enhanced strength

-*Blackwell is introduced to Garrison


-*Blackwell and *Maxwell continue investigation/research on the elixir

January 23, 1892

-Fannie sits with Freddie; the effects of the elixir appear to have passed

January 24, 1892

-Fannie makes Freddie more comfortable

January 25, 1892

-Fannie spends more time with Freddie

January 26, 1892

-Freddie tells Fannie about Anderson and Page and reveals that they had offered him an “opportunity to join their endeavor” and said beating Loyale was the “testing” that would prove him a suitable candidate

January 27, 1892

-Creeley suggests Fannie is becoming “too familiar” with Freddie

January 28, 1892

-Freddie agrees to let the doctor take a blood sample and to tell everything he knows, in exchange for limited release from the secure room; he spends the day in the public room with no incident

January 29-February ?

-*Continue to test/investigate/research the elixir and its origins

-*Continue to pursue insight into the voltaic cell

-*Visit the Museum of Natural History

-*Attend dinner event at the Greater London Lodge

-*Scrutinize the newspapers for leads

-*Enjoy the London fog, gather around the fireplace, share tales of youthful exuberance

The Story So Far

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