Unnatural History

Unnatural Introduction
a fateful letter

The letter from Johann van Helsing has given all who read it pause to think, and consider their future. Were these simply opiate-inspired tales of a man well on his way to madness? Or was there substance behind the words?

Who’s involved?

Walter Creeley

Attended Cambridge with Johann and is head of the East London slayers lodge.

Fannie Lindfors

Plucky barmaid? There is much more to Miss Fannie than meets the eye.

Allistair Blackwell

Disgraced in scientific circles for theories unbecoming a gentleman, Allistair yet seeks truth.

Heinrich Schechter

A grizzled sailor, witness to wonders and terrors beyond the typical Londoner’s ken.

Emerald Glowry

A devoted Slayer who once ran with a pack, she is now alone – and that’s how she likes it.

Reginald T. Maxwell

Grey-haired gambler who left medicine in New York to become reacquainted with his estranged son.

Oscar Garrison

Outlaw cowboy seeking a new level of adventure and driven by a curse.


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