Dr. Reginald T. Maxwell

An arrogant older man getting on in his years, a semi-retired doctor, and a 'professional' gambler.


Born in England, as a young man, he was one of the first immigrants to the ‘New World’ that was America, living there and eventually becoming a doctor, finding love, and having a family, Reginald figured his life was near perfect, until his son ran away back to Europe to found his own fortune.

Years later his son left, his wife passed away of a mysterious illness that Reginald couldn’t treat no matter how hard he tried. His reputation smeared, he decided there was no better time to go find his son. Upon arrival back in Europe, the dislike and distrust for Americans meant to him that he’d never find a job as a doctor here. Wondering how he’d make money, he drifted into bars, where he’d commonly find amateur fight clubs, card games, and other games of chance. Reginald knew he was smarter than any of the fools in the pubs, leading to him cleaning house more times then he’d care to count, paying for his ways around and funding his search for his son.

Years later, Reginald finally found his son, now a young man in his own right, a failing writer looking the next biggest seller but currently just living by paycheck to paycheck. Reginald wondered how he could help his son, figuring he could at least provide him with some funding, but during that night of gambling, Reginald found a letter in the pocket of a coat he’d won from some poor sod, the letter describing the horrors that would surely eventually lead to terrible things.

Reginald didn’t believe them, but he’d lived long enough to see strange things, so completely ignoring them wasn’t something he could do either, he decided to look into it. Something like this could be the perfect base for a story for his son.

Now, with all of his skills and baggage of years of life in America as a noble doctor, and a few more recent years of dealing with the underbelly of London and all it entails, Reginald set off to The Prospect of Whitby, to find a few more answers to hopefully bring good fortune to the Maxwell family name.

Dr. Reginald T. Maxwell

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