Mauris DesFerr

Fleet-footed, streetwise Frenchman.


Mauris grew up on the streets of Paris. He never knew his parents, and cursed the very idea of any authoritative figures.

As a child he would commonly run from the policier after swiping who-knows-what from who-knows-whom. Running was something of a skill that came naturally to Mauris. As well as climbing, jumping, and sliding. Mauris was fast.

It wasn’t long before being fast was no longer good enough. The shopkeepers knew him, and he knew them. Swiping, stealing, and running became harder and harder as Mauris grew up. Mauris needed to find another way to survive.

The day he found it was a bright Parisian day, while walking along La Seine. Mauris was just leaving La Cathedral de Notre Dame. Easy skimmings from the offering plate. He came across a familiar sight in a vastly unfamiliar context.

A busker was performing with fire. The light made her outlandish custom glow, highlighting her every curve. Mauris had never since this particular busker before. He would have remembered.

Mauris approached her. They talked. He flirted, she flirted back. The next day Mauris returned to this same spot to see her again. He didn’t even know her name. She was there, setting up for another show.

Over the next few days they met again and again. Elizabeth, was her name. She was from England. Eventually they started performing together. Mauris was quite the juggler, and could bring in the crowds.

Years passed, Mauris and Elizabeth had assembled a small troupe of performers. They were a family. Together they’d all rented out a large loft and lived communally. It was the closest Mauris ever felt to security.

One night, there was a party in their loft, to celebrate the engagement of a couple of troupe members. The night was mostly a blur but Mauris remembered one thing. Felix had come. Felix was unwelcome in their loft. He had caused many problems with their troupe and was very jealous of the couple in question.

Everyone was already quite drunk off of good wine when Felix arrived. Mauris tried to get him to leave, but Mauris felt drunker than he thought was right. Suddenly he noticed several of his friends passing out around him. He soon followed.

The last thing Mauris remembered was Felix’s smile as he fell to the floor.

Mauris is now in England looking for Elizabeth. He has reason to believe she has returned home. But he knows nothing about how to find her. He’s also on the lookout for Felix. Felix ruined his life and Mauris will claim vengeance on all those involved.

Mauris DesFerr

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