Freddie 'Three Fingers' Boyle

An Irish dock worker with violent tendencies.


From the journal of Fannie Lindfors:

I ’ad’nt seen Freddie in quite a while, not after our boy Loyale took him down for the fourth time the last he’d tried his hand at beatin’ ‘im- he’d left in a fit of weak rage too, barely capable of tippin’ a chair down on the way out and honest, I’d thought that the last we’d see him.

But there he were that night, marchin’ in with his head held high- three toffs behind moments later as if we’d not know that they’d come along to watch him have a go again. Shoulda dressed down if they wanted to stay outta sight.

I should’ve reckoned somethin’ were wrong the second he’d gone down again, he’d been too sure and them toffs had put a pretty penny on him to win as well.

M’glad I saw him take a drink and that there’d been a few friendlies ‘round to help me talk him down from that murder in his eyes… that change I’d seen. And gladder still that he’d not needed to be carted away on that Doctor Allistair Blackwell’s trolley.

Added later, quickly written underneath:

That man we’ve got locked up in the cellar’s nothin’ but a sweetheart and I’ll not have them runnin’ their tests on him without his agreement.

Freddie 'Three Fingers' Boyle

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