Unnatural History

Unnatural History

mr mitchell, i presume?

Blackwell has been conducting a thorough exploration and analysis of the voltaic cell with the assistance of Maxwell and the other researchers at the lodge. He has discovered that the cell has an organic component – there is an actual living organism attached to it and it operates as a regulator!

Blackwell concludes that he could use some insight into the organism from an expert in the field of rare and extinct creatures and is reminded of the upcoming fundraiser at the museum of natural history. Creeley agrees that Dr Richard Mitchell, principal in the new palaeontology display, would make an excellent candidate to join the rippers cause.

On Saturday evening, Blackwell, Fannie, and Emerald attend the event and speak with Dr Mitchell. Heinrich, Maxwell, Creeley and other rippers are on their way, but haven’t arrived yet when Mitchell invites Blackwell and Fannie to his office at the end of the entomology hall.

They are mid-conversation and Mitchell seems quite willing to believe, when the building shakes as if struck by an earthquake, and then a wave of black energy sweeps through the museum. The source is within the Kensington cemetery, which the museum overlooks. There is a figure among the headstones in ritual garb with black energy wafting from him like smoke.

Fannie jumps to action. The closest path to the cemetery takes her through the entomology exhibit, where one of the cases has smashed, releasing now-animated and ravenous insects to swarm over her as she runs through the swarm. Blackwell is less willing to face the swarm directly and pulls loose a nearby gas lamp with the intent of lighting it on fire to burn the insects. Emerald is triggered by this unnatural sequence of events and screams as Mancala helps Blackwell quickly retreat to Mitchell’s office. He does not see Emerald’s scream manifest itself in a gout of flame which roasts the insect swarm. Emerald is able to dive back into the office as Mancala quickly closes the thick door before the secondary flames ignite the escaping gas.

Meanwhile, Heinrich has arrived at the event and has also witnessed the tremor and the wave of black energy. He was in the fossils exhibit as the skeleton of the giant t-rex came to life and began crashing about and attacking the attendees. Most of the event-goers have escaped but some are trapped within an anteroom at the far end of the hall as the creature crashes against the doorway to get at them. He is about to take action against the giant skeleton when bug-bitten Fannie runs by, recognizes him and stops briefly to explain the situation. They beeline toward the rear, cemetery-side entrance of the museum.

At the rear door, Alexandrios the cultist is just making his way inside, curious about what has happened within. Heinrich and Fannie challenge him. He looks at them and blinks before turning tail and running away. Heinrich will have none of it, and he throws his harpoon (another story) and catches the cultist through the knee, pinning his leg to the ground. With almost unnatural strength of will, Alexandrios wrenches the harpoon from the cold earth and tries again to escape, but does not account for Heinrich at the other end of the harpoon’s chain, reeling him in. He turns and summons a blast of hellfire that burns away layers of Fannie’s clothing and blisters Heinrich’s skin.

As the hellfire envelops Heinrich, he flashes back to a scene of an explosion many years before; he looks very different – younger and darker skinned – as he is likewise enveloped by flames and concussive force. The scene cuts to a rocky beach on which there are other burned and battered bodies, ostensibly victims of the explosion. Heinrich’s hand is blistered and outstretched, as a tiny hermit crab climbs onto it and begins making its way toward the shoulder.

Heinrich bellows and rushes the sorcerer, takes him to the ground, pummels him to unconsciousness and binds him with the chain. Fannies calls out, “We have to help with the monster inside!” but Heinrich is not interested. She runs back inside and as the door closes behind her there is the sound of a gunshot and shattering glass along the north edge of the museum. It is the window of Dr Mitchell’s office. Blackwell has used his pistol to help effect their escape from the encroaching conflagration. Emerald and Mancala climb out and then assist the crotchety Blackwell.

It is dark inside the museum now, and as Fannie makes her way toward the t-rex, she hears familiar voice. It is her mother. She stops and listens. Her mother tells her that she knows what she must do. Fannie turns and slowly walks toward the exit, reaching down and drawing the knife from the sheath tied around her leg. With cold purpose, she walks up to the sorcerer, kneels at his side, and with a single clean motion, ends his life.

The sounds of crashing and ruckus inside the museum come to an end.

The camera pulls back and then up into birds-eye view:
- Fannie, kneeling at the side of Alexandrios;
- Heinrich, looking about him with narrowed eyes and singed clothes, assessing the scene;
- Blackwell, Emerald, and Mancala making their way toward them from the broken window;
The camera continues to pull up further as the thin fog begins to obscure the scene.
- Smoke can be seen escaping from the west wing where the gas exploded.
- The street in front of the museum is full of anguished and confused people.
- Creeley, Maxwell, and the other rippers exit from a cab that has just arrived.
- There is the jangling of bells calling for the fire brigade.
Finally the camera rises until there is only distant voices, yells and the fire bell.

Please post your denouement/episode closing montage scenes in the comments below!


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