Unnatural History

Flight to the Speckled Crow

an outsider joins the chase

Heinrich and his allies rush from the river-side entrance in pursuit of the three gentlemen gamblers. As their steps sound off the wooden walk into the cold January afternoon fog, we see an onlooker take special notice: it is Oscar Garrison, late of Wyoming, USA.

“I just think it’s funny seeing three sailors chasing three guys with top hats through the fog. I gotta stick with this…”

Oscar joins the chase. Heinrich notices he is following and challenges him.
“Have you been hired to follow us?” Oscar says he has not, and Heinrich believes him when he says he is following only because of the novelty.

A short time later, Garrison offers to shoot them.
“Things work differently here, Yankee.”
“I can miss if you like.”
“We don’t want to scare the eel back into its hole. I want to see how it swims.”

They follow them to the Speckled Crow public house. After they see the toffs enter, Heinrich fears they will recognize him so he offers money to the American to go in and try to find out more about them.

Garrison accepts, enters the Speckled Crow, and promptly causes a stir unlike any the house has seen in recent history. He orders a drink on their tab, challenges the gentlemen glibly, rudely rikers over the chair, throws his feet upon the table and leans back. He makes demands and punctuates one by sticking a knife in the table.

They are aghast. In something like a panic they offer him silver to go away.

“You don’t want me to take that.”

They send for the police. Garrison loosens his shirt, takes the coins, and promptly vomits all of the table (and them). He then staggers drunkenly out the front doors, much to the relief of the patrons.

Their messenger is intercepted outside the house by Heinrich and his boys, but when they see Garrison exit, they release him and return to the Prospect with him.


DeLansing DeLansing

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