Unnatural History

A Serendipitous Confluence

wherein the mystery begins to ravel

From the cold and miserable fog of London in January 1892 step three characters into the warm and welcoming public house known as The Prospect of Whitby. These three are so different in aspect and history that one might reasonably conclude that some greater hand is at work, weaving their paths to intersect for some inscrutable purpose.

First, Dr. Allistair Blackwell, called by his former colleague Dr. Oakby of Cambridge to meet with Mr. Creeley on “some matter of great mutual interest.”

Next, Miss Emerald Glowry seeks answers- and perhaps to find some relief from the unbidden visions of strange and terrible acts of violence wracking her mind and threatening her sanity.

Third, Herr Heinrich Schechter seeks answers of his own, but to what end? He holds his aims close to his chest but it is clear he pursues them with an unwavering course.

Ah, but these three are not the only players in this unfolding tale: young Miss Fannie Lindfors greets all who enter this river-side public house, and does so with an uncommon grace that leaves most patrons spellbound. Few realize how much she sees and fewer suspect the secrets she keeps.

Dr. Blackwell meets with Mr. Walter Creeley and hears his proposal to aid in researching the biology of the strange creatures revealed in the lodge’s laboratory.

Miss Glowry sneaks to the library only to be discovered by Fannie and introduced to Mr. Creeley. She is apprehensive until their kind and reassuring words calm her.

Herr Schechter walks in and vouches for Miss Glowry based on an encounter they had with one another years before.

Mr. Creeley introduces Dr. Blackwell and Herr Schechter. They have some tense words before they are both compelled to investigate the mysterious voltaic cell that they find in the corner of the lab.

As the act closes, Dr. Blackwell addresses those assembled and says, “What exactly, Mr. Creeley, have you gotten us into?”

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When Blackwell enters the library ready to be underwhelmed and slowly realizes that there are actually a few compelling volumes here!

A Serendipitous Confluence

When Heinrich appears in the library door at exactly the right moment and says “I’ll vouch for her.” [Emerald]

A Serendipitous Confluence

When Heinrich looks up from his leather-bound book and spots Emerald across the room. Their eyes connect, Heinrich nods… looks down at his book… and looks back up again but Emerald is gone.

A Serendipitous Confluence
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